Customer/Rider Comments

These are actual comments from horse owners whose horses have received a massage from me (Liw) and Finding Quiet Equine. They have given their permission for their comments, as information for you to consider.  

"[After Slim's massage on Tuesday]...I rode Slim on Sunday in my lesson.  He had had the week to relax into it and I honestly didn't expect to see such a difference! My coach and I attributed the change to suppleness. He was relaxed and listening, we rode outside and he was aware of what was around him but still listening quite well, such a change from last week where hes looking for things to spook at and totally tense. Also, the lesson was way more productive because we didn't spend half of it just getting him to relax into it and round his back, he went right into it. I definitly think he is way more comfortable."

-- Nicole Stearns, Owner/Rider, English


"This year (2009) was the first time that I had a homebred 3year old in the barn which I had to get ready for the show world.  Sam is big, beautiful and full of character. My friend and trainer Sarah Holmes took Sam in for breaking and training and did a wonderful job. We qualified to go to both cup classes for the 3 year old Canadian bred horses at the Royal.  With moving to a new barn, still growing and more work we noticed a weightloss in Sam. The first thing was to make sure his teeth were allright. Our dentist E. Rosskopf, expert in dentistry, had her hands full with him. Sam's jaw was locked for quiet some time and she thought after her treatment Sam would benefit from a massage.

As a firm believer in Massage therapy and Chiropractic .... I got hold of Liw which I found through my local vet. To make a long story short. Liw was able to come right away. She asked lots of questions and saw Sam ridden and got to work. After a short,  he fell asleep, for sure looking like he was enjoying his treatment.  In a period of 3 months (massage, dentist and changing his diet - he eats lots) he looked like an athlete and ready to go to the Royal.

Two days before shipping him to Toronto he got another touch up from Liw and he was ready to go. He looked relaxed and loose!  The result is that we were 9th in hand and 7th under Saddle.  Sam will have a great career in the Hunter Jumper circuit. He still is a wonderful gentle giant. And I am very proud of him!
I loved Liw's attitude, she was asking the right questions, took her time for horse and rider and was extremely accommodating.

I am very happy to recommend her at any time and will for sure call her again to work on my horses."
-- Stefanie Brueseke
Ainstable Farm
Breeder of  Arwen- OHTA Sport Horse of the Year 2009
Apple Prince- 2nd at the 3-year old Young Event Horse Championship, placed TOP ten at GG and LTG cup classes at the Royal Agricultural Winterfair 2009
and many other wonderful Sporthorses"


"Just wanted to let you know what is happening with Gilmour.  The days after her massage when I rode her I felt that she was much more fluid and had more flexibility and suppleness - especially in her neck - at the walk and trot.  The canter I wasn't sure.  It did not seem to be too different.  I had a lesson on Wednesday and she felt so much better.  My coach could see her as well.  Her canter was much much improved.  Overall from the 3 weeks previously she was much improved.  I have a show/event on Sunday and I will let you know how it goes."

-- Peggy Taylor-Winter, owner/Eventing rider

[NB: Gilmour and Peggy placed 4th in the event referred to, and Peggy said it was a great way to end the season.]


"As for Corky!  He loves your massages and the effects are lasting.  He is simply more relaxed.  I think he's a pretty happy horse, but he seems more contented if that makes any sense.  At 20 years he has his good days and his great days, but following your visits his gaits are springier and I can feel his back lifted and swinging.  He is definitely more forward and reaching for the bit.  Which isn't surprising given the visible changes in his back after the massage.  Corky is a remarkable old man and still quite the athlete and your visits seem to peel back the years!

-- Kathy Agnew, owner/rider, English


"Liw has worked on several horses for me, my own and others who I have in training. She has not only helped the horses perform better, but also helped heal a lesion that one mare had in her back. Another benefit of massage became apparent when Liw helped a client's horse adjust to new surroundings when we moved her to a new barn. I continue to use Liw to work with my horses and am happy to recommend her."

--Heather Collinge, owner/trainer/coach


"I wanted to let you know that we rode her [our horse] in a mini-rodeo on Saturday and she was fantastic.  I've never seen her move that smoothly!  That was the first time we'd ridden her since you were out so she had lots of time to stay "loose".  Kaitlyn felt that she was more responsive and her trot was much smoother than before.  I rode her a bit as well and I noticed the same things."

-- Sharon and Kaitlyn Chapman, owners/riders


"My horse was great after his massage very happy to be head down a bit round and very quiet (always a sure sign he is comfortable). At the show he was a bit strong and we had a few moments of head between the legs and little bucks but nothing really big. He got a 3,4,8th so at least he pinned. He will be better next time out." -

- Michele Relic, owner/rider eventing horse which received a treatment 3 days before competition


"After my horse had the massage by Liw, I noticed a difference with his flexion, and had also felt a difference riding him as well. My horse became more resopnsive in the cues I was asking him to do and felt more willing!" -- BM, owner/barrel racer